August 29, 2008

Sacrificed to Xocolatl

They where coming closer. He could hear them down the hall. The stamping, the bangs, crashes, and sounds of high priced office furniture being torn apart with bare hands. The occasional scream.

Suddenly he was plunged into darkness, one of them must have got down to the backup generators. Shivering in the darkness beneath his desk the Chairman thought back how it had started. Such a small thing. Just a few words. If only those words had not been written. It was not his fault, he told himself, it was not his keyboard that had typed them. He had never realised the price that would be paid for them. He was just trying to help people, to make them better people, why had it come to this? A certain amount of disquiet had been expected, people where often set in their ways and did not appreciate how much better they could be made. You cannot get people to eat omelette if you aren't willing to break a few eggs after all, but not this. Nobody had expected this. Surely nobody could have expected this.

There was movement outside again. They were searching. A ravenous feral pack, sniffing out its next meal. He shuddered at the thought as it brought back the images from the reports he had been shown. The things he had seen in them, the things they had done ... it was beyond madness. Nor was it isolated. His field officers where bringing back the same reports from where ever they where sent, those that came back at all, and now they where here at WHO headquarters.

He could hear them on the plush carpet outside now. It would be over soon. All the plans he had, all the things he still had to do all the good he could have done. It was all going to end in this corner office in Geneva. The door was thick and the locks solid but that did not stop them. With a sound of splintering hardwood the door was effortlessly torn from it hinges.

The creature filled the doorway. Its small beady eyes stared at him over big round cheeks. It seemed soft and harmless, this creature that had been a woman, but he knew better. He could see what was left of a mind still working behind those eyes. The last scraps of rationality were slowly weaving together a question as it approached. At last the fat lips parted and it spoke.
"Do you have Chocolate?"


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